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Industry specific, end-to-end solutions to help your business navigate the best way to manage its data.

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Medical Billing

Analytix offers customized medical billing solutions that help companies improve collections and enhance client service. Additionally, we are HIPAA compliant. Our comprehensive range of medical billing services allow businesses to outsource all aspects of the medical billing functions to us or to select specific phases to outsource based on their needs.

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Proven data management systems ensure the reliability of the information on your E-Commerce sites. Everything — from product data to reviews and recommendations to web analytics data — must be accurate. If it isn’t, your customers won’t trust anything on your site. Analytix has been developing solutions and resolving data management issues for years as part of our IT services. We look forward to helping you with your E-Commerce data management solution.

Complementary Services

Analytix is also professionally capable and technologically equipped to provide an operational end-to-end solution within the industry solution. Not only can we manage a range of functions for your medical billing or E-Commerce needs, we can provide a full suite of complementary services to help support your business, including accounting, custom software development and managed IT services. For example, we can assist with the accounting functions associated with running an E-Commerce site, as well as those necessary to support your business operations.

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