Data Entry

We offer one-time, recurring, and occasional manual entry of data from non-digital content to files and databases. With experience across a variety of industries, our data entry support staff work quickly and accurately to transfer high volumes of complex data into simplified, electronic documents and organized filing systems.

We work with you to enter data from a wide variety of sources to create systems and formats that are applicable to your business needs.

From This…
  • Hand-written documents
  • Insurance claims
  • Online/paper catalogs
  • Surveys and Questionnaires
  • Forms (registration, etc.)
  • Records (birth, municipal, town)
  • Legal documents, etc.
To This…
  • Web-based systems
  • Any database format
  • Other file formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, and more
  • Consolidated tallied, summary reports

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Data Conversion

Let us help you consolidate data from multiple formats to a single corporate standard or transfer data into a multitude of formats depending on specifications and requirements. Easily convert raw data or images into the right system or format to more easily view and understand the information across all facets of your business.

Converting data to and from various formats gives you the information you require in the format that works for you. In addition to standard product conversions, we can convert custom file formats and applications to common platforms, and images to data.

  • Access
  • Outlook
  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Text files
  • PDF
  • Images to data
  • XML and HTML
  • SQL database
  • QuickBooks and other accounting systems
  • Custom file formats
  • Custom applications

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Data Processing

Our state-of-the art services collect, validate, and organize complex data into meaningful insights for your business. We gather and manipulate data to produce meaningful information or specific outcomes for your business needs.

Our data processing professionals work with sophisticated tools and processes to retrieve, transform, or classify your data for business operations and analysis. Data Processing services include:

  • Data mining
  • Data validation
  • Report generation
  • Custom Excel forms, functions
  • Data clean-up
  • Data sorting, summarization, aggregation
  • Graphical representation

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Data Automation

Our sophisticated technology tools partially or entirely automate data processes, including data entry, data conversion, data processing and data integration. Replace time consuming, dated, manual processes with automated systems that are specifically developed for your unique needs and project requirements.

By automating your data processes, you can extract and enter web-based data, automate web logins, and export web pages to local drives. In addition, all data conversion processes available from Analytix can be completely automated, for efficient and accurate information ready for future use.

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Data Integration and ETL

We have expertise in application and data integration using API, web services and industry standard ETL tools. We have developed standard data connectors and processes to source data from a wide range of industry POS and PMS applications. In addition, we complete on-premises applications using database connections and on-premises and web-based applications using macros.

We have expertise in near real-time, batch data integration services using API, web services and industry standard ETL (extract-transform-load) tools. We pull data from multiple POS/PMS sources and then transform and integrate the data, making it more meaningful for cross functional analysis with higher data quality. This process also transforms and integrates the load into a simplified, highly compressed relational data structure for further reporting and analytics by maintaining a high level of data security throughout the processing and storage.

Data Audit & Balancing:

Data integration architecture also includes implementation of audit and balance processes to ensure the integrity and accuracy of a data transfer. It also includes an easy to use graphical interface to present statistics on the processes.

Data Validation:

Accurate decision making relies heavily on the quality of the information available. We have created a data validation framework to monitor data quality using hundreds of data quality rules, coded as a part of the data integration processes. The framework includes validation of the data on an ongoing basis, presentation of validation result using a graphical interface, and implementation of alerts and notifications when critical data quality issues are discovered.

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Process Optimization

Extensive experience working across a multitude of industries provides our team of professionals with insights into how to effectively optimize processes.

We have accumulated first-hand knowledge of best practices via this cross-industry experience that our clients can leverage to optimize their own operations.

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