Data Integration and ETL

By aixsa

April 22, 2016 0 Comments Off on Data Integration and ETL

We have expertise in application and data integration using API, web services and industry standard ETL tools. We have developed standard data connectors and processes to source data from a wide range of industry POS and PMS applications. In addition, we complete on-premises applications using database connections and on-premises and web-based applications using macros.

We have expertise in near real-time, batch data integration services using API, web services and industry standard ETL (extract-transform-load) tools. We pull data from multiple POS/PMS sources and then transform and integrate the data, making it more meaningful for cross functional analysis with higher data quality. This process also transforms and integrates the load into a simplified, highly compressed relational data structure for further reporting and analytics by maintaining a high level of data security throughout the processing and storage.

Data Audit & Balancing:

Data integration architecture also includes implementation of audit and balance processes to ensure the integrity and accuracy of a data transfer. It also includes an easy to use graphical interface to present statistics on the processes.

Data Validation:

Accurate decision making relies heavily on the quality of the information available. We have created a data validation framework to monitor data quality using hundreds of data quality rules, coded as a part of the data integration processes. The framework includes validation of the data on an ongoing basis, presentation of validation result using a graphical interface, and implementation of alerts and notifications when critical data quality issues are discovered.